Golden Circle Festival

September 2–4, 2022, Sa Garrofa, Begur, Costa Brava, Spain

Kia ora Tatou, Hello Everybody, Hola Todos!

The vision for this festival was born out of a gathering of an extra-ordinary group of women called The Golden Circle in Tamariu, September 2021.

We are an international sisterhood who support each-other to develop our individual uniqueness, “Rising together for the benefit of the whole community”  for the ultimate goal:

To return to whole-ness, balance and harmonic being with everything.

It has been a long wish for me, to see this way of life manifested in my exterior natural world.

And I know:  This is a shared dream.

Here at The Golden Circle Festival, we wish to represent these principles of True Love and Respect within our extended relationships and connections, that we can break out of the patriarchal machine and have the place to freely express who we really are, openly, on all levels.

Over the years I have been blessed to be surrounded by an amazing collection of, whom I consider to be:  Big Artists.  

I have called them to be here together, to share their Greatness!

And it is my immense joy and gratitude that they have answered.

I invite you to come to the beautiful space of Sa Garrofa, which will be our magnificent home for this incredible event:

To enter the energy of The Golden Circle,
To live the alchemy that will be transformational,
To enjoy and be inspired by the blinding light,
That we will all create together.

Haere mai ra!  All Welcome!  Sed Bienvenidos Todos!



To reserve your place at The Golden Circle Festival Contact Tamar

The Artists of The Golden Circle Festival

Tamar St Clair – Music & Singing (NZ)

Tamar is an international singer, artist, producer, vocal coach, teacher, love warrior, medicine woman and director of The Golden Circle Festival.

She is one of the first pioneering New Zealand artists to combine the worlds of the Māori language and songs (te reo / waiata) with current social music.

Tamar has been teaching students from all over the world for the last two decades, giving workshops that focus on creativity and cross-disciplinary arts.

Alina Sokulska
– Dance (UA)

Alina is an outstanding international dance artist, choreographer, performer, instructor and researcher. Through inspiration and more than 12 years of practice of jazz, social & urban dances, in a mix with contemporary dance techniques and movement research concepts, Alina's style crystallized as one with strong presence of footwork, body isolations, musicality & storytelling.  

For Alina, dance is a tool, not a purpose.  It´s an embodiment of the cycles of life, where the body as a dynamic subject, captures a moment that is constantly changing:  Earth, Fire, Air & Water.

Horacio Ladrón de Guevara
– Theatre For Life (ARG)

Theatre Director & Playwright, Horacio's legacy and lineage are as his name suggests: Revolutionary. He is a poet, an actor, a singer, and an interpreter of the great mysteries of life and brings his profound magic to The Golden Circle Festival.

He was educated by Ricardo Bartis in Argentina, Jackes Lecoq in Paris and at the Institute of Theatre in Barcelona. Horacio won the 2nd Prize of the Festival Visionat of Girona (2001) and he has over 30 years of experience directing theatre companies in Argentina, Chile and Spain.  He works with the interpretation methods of Stanislavski and introduces Theatre for Life.

– Paint (CAT)

Rosa Castells is an Artist, Artisan and Textile Designer. She is an innovator of colour and an experimenter with the poetic application of Paint on Silk.

She works with different studios and companies related to the sector and independently, gives workshops in painting, dyeing and textile printing, with her enormous generosity and talent.

Rosa maintains her own creative label: Ikatten and is remembered for her 20 years’ studio in Gracia, Barcelona.

– Music (IT)

Riccardo M. Spiritini studied classical composition, electronic music and improvisation at The Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

The genius of Riccardo is in his inter-relational art. He is an exceptionally gifted international composer, producer and inventor of new instruments (Tarcordium).

His works are for different instruments and are presented together with projected images, light and objects. Riccardo often performs with piano, guitar and electronic means and is a creator of sound installations. He is the founder of Tarkampa and shares his over 30 years of experience and research in The Magic of Tone & The Art of Music.

Frank Durand
– Music (CU)

Havana-born Musician and Band Leader. Frank has been performing as a drummer and touring all across the world, being a prominent member of many of Cuba’s most popular bands such as Interactivo.

In 2005 he moved to Toronto, Canada playing with names such as Randy Brecker. He played at numerous Festivals: Toronto Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival & has been awarded Canada Prize for the Arts.

Now living in Barcelona, Frank brings to The Golden Circle Festival the FDS Trio with reputable musicians: Sean Lewis (NYC) & Diego Cebollero (ARG).

– Tenderness (VE)

Linda Vismayo is a shamanic body therapist.  She is an investigator in the human body and it´s expressions through touch and movement.  Vismayo Treatment & Healing Rituals:

Tenderness are her own created methods. Her mission is to share with a sense of wonder, the innocence of touch, pure love and travel through the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

– Life Art (ESP)

Roma is the high priestess of words and multi-dimensional life art. Her presence is unforgettable, electric and full of profound feeling.

She will be the presenter of The Golden Circle Festival.

Prepare to be amazed by her brilliance.

Shirin Nikpay
– Healing Arts (GER)

Shirin is a Health Practitioner from Germany. She studied Psychology at Goldsmiths College and Medical Anthropology at Brunel University, London. In addition to her academic education she is trained and work-experienced in the holistic modalities of Gestalt therapy, Deep Tissue & Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Osteopathy & Visionary Craniosacral work.

Teresa Drault
– Tai Chi & Massage (ARG)

Specialist in Korean Massage: KengRak since 2008.  Registered acupuncturist with “Healing Hands”, Teresa has been giving massages and classes beside Lee Kuy Moon, Master of Chinese Massage in Cielo y Tierra (Heaven and Earth) in Barcelona during many years.

She is a Grandmother and gifted Mujer Sabia and she will share her great wisdom with us.

Marta Puig
– Meditation Master & Our Incredible Hostess (CAT)

Marta will be leading us with her incredible team in the morning meditations. She has decades of experience facilitating meditation groups and is highly active in the academic and environmental movements in Cataluyna.

 The Venue – Sa Garrofa

“Natural life is not an option, it is the SOLUTION.”

Sa Garrofa is a beautiful place with an amazing restaurant, terrace, gardens, indoor sala and outdoor stage. They have opened their loving arms to host us for The Golden Circle Festival.  So Much Gratitude & Love!

Sa Garrofa is part of the “We are Greenery movement recently initiated by companies that started to pursue environmentally-friendly policies. Being “Green” implies great benefits for companies that, when adopting eco-friendly practices, help clients be environmentally friendly and, at the same time, carry out operations that support and help save nature.

Their values, vision and mission are all based on the positive, immense energy of love.  Love for our Mediterranean countryside, love for our Catalan culture, love for our family and neighbours, for other cultures, for other people and for diversity in all its facets.

Golden Circle Festival Programme

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Information and Investment

Golden Full Pass 150€
Golden Family Pass 290€
Friday only 40€
Saturday 120€
Sunday 90€

Only Concerts: 30€
Only Morning or Afternoon: 50€

No refunds. Door Sales Available.

To reserve your place Contact Tamar